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Do you consider a gap year after your studies?

Or a more permanent job, and you can not find the perfect one?
Or are you stuck in a groove in your current job but cannot scrape together the courage to make a change?
We have the answer for you. Our English training schools in China guarantee a legitimate and safe environment where you can work, live, and see the world. The very professional HR department is in charge of all the legalities.  
You need a degree, some work experience if your degree is not in Education, your CV, one or two references, a valid passport, and police clearance. We will do a Skype interview with you, after which  instructions will be made clear on how to proceed.

Our benefits include a generous starting salary of RMB13,000 - ZAR27,000 for the training period of 2 months. After that a salary of between RMB16,500 and RMB25,000, depending on the status of the teacher. Salary is before tax. A contract bonus of RMB5,000 is paid on completion of a 1-year contract. Also limited medical insurance, reimbursement of a return air ticket, free residence permit, free accommodation - modern single furnished apartment, 2 and a half free days per week, around 32 days paid holidays, 16 office hours plus 18 to 20 teaching hours. Extra is paid for more than 18 hours. 

Elementary school students
Small classes of maximum 18 students
Modern technology
Regular training
Ample teaching support
Send your CV to and find out if you are eligible for a position in one of our very up-market schools.